Hands-Off! 5 Subtle Methods for Keeping Prodding Fingers Away From Bar & Grill Meals

3 January 2017
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Dining out at the best bar and grill is a great experience, but sometimes you may have friends or loved ones that get a little too invasive on your plate. Whether it's taking a few French fries or dipping into your dessert, those prodding fingers can become quite annoying. Instead of creating a confrontation or acting rude, there are more subtle and respectful ways to keep people away from your precious meals. By using this guide, you can enjoy meals out and not feel like you are constantly on defense over your dinner plate. The following tips will work in all types of restaurants or bar and grills.

Sharing Appetizers

One way to keep your dinner plate away from others is by setting a up a middle man, or in this case: a middle plate. Bar and grills offer all types of appetizers that can easily be shared by dinner parties. This includes chicken wings, french fries, onion rings, or even a large basket of bread. The key to ordering these appetizers is too have it served with the meal. If the appetizer comes too early, it will likely already be all eaten before the main course arrives. If the appetizer is served with the main meal, then the prodding fingers can creep onto the center plate instead of invading your meal choice.

Sizzling Plates

If it's too hot to touch, then you don't have to worry about anyone snagging an extra bite. This is why it may be a good idea to order a sizzling plate. Many bar and grills offer these meals in the form of steak. Not only will the steak be sizzling hot, but it comes in one giant piece so there are not small bites that someone can just snatch off your plate. If you're not a fan of steak, then there are several other sizzling meals to choose from. This includes a variety of cheeses, chickens, and international cuisines. Browsing a menu will give you a better idea for your options.

I'll Have What He's Having

If you're not picky about your food, then you can make the prodding fingers option really simple. Let the other person order first and then simply order the same exact thing. You can change toppings or condiments, but by duplicating the order, the other person is less likely to take from your plate. It's a brilliant move that will eliminate any problems and allow you to enjoy the meal all to yourself.

Natural Barriers

While you do not need to build a fortress around your plate, there are ways to build a natural barrier that prevents hands from reaching over and taking some of your best bites of food. For example, if you ordered a soda with your drink, then you can request a cup of water to go with it. The dual cups can help add a barrier from anyone that is trying to reach across from you. Another natural barrier are side dishes or dipping sauces. For example, if you order has French fries, then you can request a side cup of ranch or ketchup. This will make it more challenging for someone to reach over and snatch a fry. It's good to strategically plan out these options without being too obvious about it.

Bar Seating

If bar seating is available, then you can easily come up with a way to block the food prodder from coming close to your plate. If the dinner has more than two people, then you can simply place a person between you and the one who likes to grab food. It will be extremely hard to reach over to your plate and your whole meal will remain protected.