Order Lunches From A Food Service Management Facility

3 December 2018
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Children in elementary school require healthy foods that are wholesome so that they can maintain their focus during class time. If you oversee the cafeteria at a private elementary school and have hired a food service management company to provide nutritious lunches, you have the opportunity to have prepared meals dropped off each school day. A food service will reduce the amount of preparation that needs to be completed inside the cafeteria, but that doesn't mean you're completely out of the water. Here are a few things you'll need to do to make sure your partnership with a food service goes smoothly. 

Plan A Menu In Advance

Learn what types of meals the food service management company offers so that you can plan a menu in advance and make copies for the children to bring home with them.

It is important to send a letter home, along with each menu so that parents are able to learn about the types of foods that will be served. This way, they can contact you for further assistance if their child has special dietary needs that will prevent them from eating some/all of the options that have been selected. Sugar, fats, and starches should be kept to a minimum when planning the menu.

Try to select healthy, kid-friendly options that young children will not have difficulty serving themselves. Instead of serving the students greasy french fries, for instance, you could opt for vegetable chips that look just like french fries but contain healthy ingredients. 

Make Preparations For The Deliveries

The food service company employs drivers who are responsible for transporting meals to various schools, senior facilities, and other public organizations throughout the county. Try to keep the deliveries at a consistent time and schedule the food items to be dropped off shortly before the kids will be released from class for lunchtime.

Your cafeteria staff will need plenty of time to arrange the food on trays and to set up the beverages and desserts that will be served alongside the food items. Keep this in mind and adjust the delivery schedule accordingly if your lunch staff find that they are having difficulty setting up the lunchroom prior to the children's arrival. 

Update Your Needs

Keep in touch with the owner of the food service so that you can inform them of any changes in your school's needs. Things like school closures or days that the children will be attending a field trip are both events that should be brought to the attention of the food service's owner so that lunches aren't delivered on these occasions.