Classy And Simple Holiday Hostess Gifts

5 October 2015
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The holiday season is quickly approaching, and you'll probably be invited to several get-togethers. While it's customary to bring a gift for the host or hostess, it can be difficult to come up with something tasteful when you're short on time and money. Wine and flowers are the traditional hostess gifts, but they can cause issues: the host might not drink alcohol, the wine might not go with what is being served, or there might not be a vase empty and ready to hold the flowers. Take a look at this list of simple, thoughtful and inexpensive gifts to bring to your next gathering.

Wineglass Charms

If you've ever hosted a party, you already know how glasses, particularly wineglasses, tend to multiply.  Wineglass charms are inexpensive and useful, but also fun and easy to customize. Choose a theme that you know your hostess likes; you can find these in all different varieties. Even better, you can often find these at department stores, so you can stock up on them when you see them on sale and hand them out all season long.

Blank Note Cards

During the holidays, most people have ample opportunity to thank others. Your host or hostess might want to send notes to the guests who attended the party, or to friends who couldn't come. A set of pretty blank note cards makes a nice gift, and it can be easily stashed in a drawer right away, creating no extra work for your host.

Gourmet Chocolates

While bringing a full dessert to a holiday party might make your host feel obligated to serve it whether it goes with the meal or not, gourmet chocolates can accompany just about any dinner or dessert. They can also be put away for the host and family to enjoy later on. There are many types of gourmet chocolates, so you can choose a larger box of a less expensive brand or just a few succulent pieces of a more luxurious type. For more information about gourmet chocolates, contact a company like Abdallah Candies And Gifts.

Potted Herbs

A potted plant makes a good hostess gift, and if it's potted herbs, that means that it's useful as well as attractive. During the winter, your host's garden is probably not producing much anymore, so this can give his or her meals a nice touch of freshness straight from the plant. You can often buy these year round for just a few dollars at home improvement stores with a garden section.

High-Quality Fresh Produce

Stop by your local farmers' market to find in-season produce that would make a lovely gift. If you don't have farmers' markets in your area during the late fall or early winter, consider filling a small basket with pomegranates, red grapefruits or other wintery delights.

Something Warm to Drink

If you know that your host drinks coffee, a bag of gourmet coffee beans is not too expensive and would be something delicious to brew later in the evening or the next morning. Boxed tea or even a selection of hot chocolate packets both make a nice alternative.

A Treat for the Pets

If your host considers his or her pets to be part of the family, a gift for Fluffy or Fido can be just as appreciated as something for the host him- or herself. A jingle bell collar is adorable, as is a sweet t-shirt for a small pet. Of course, Kitty or Pup might be happier with a few gourmet cat treats or dog biscuits.

Although you should strive to be a good dinner guest, it's not necessary to break your budget or expend too much stress and energy on choosing the perfect hostess gift. Present your host with something nice that you think he or she will like, then spend your time enjoying their company.