Hands-Off! 5 Subtle Methods for Keeping Prodding Fingers Away From Bar & Grill Meals

3 January 2017
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Dining out at the best bar and grill is a great experience, but sometimes you may have friends or loved ones that get a little too invasive on your plate. Whether it's taking a few French fries or dipping into your dessert, those prodding fingers can become quite annoying. Instead of creating a confrontation or acting rude, there are more subtle and respectful ways to keep people away from your precious meals. Read More 

Three Ways To Celebrate The Versatility Of Pastrami

17 February 2016
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At the mention of pastrami, most people envision a sandwich piled high with shaved meat between two slices of rye bread with sauerkraut and even pickles. Unfortunately, since pastrami has become so synonymous with these deli sandwiches, many people overlook how versatile it can be in many other recipes. Here are a few great ways to serve up pastrami without having to reach for the rye. Diced Pastrami and Potato Hash Read More 

Six Delicious Make-Your-Own Mixes For Refillable K-Cups

12 December 2015
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If you want to enjoy the convenience of a Keurig coffee maker without creating a lot of excess waste, then buying a refillable Keurig K cup is a good compromise. When you use a refillable K-cup, you also have more control over the ingredients in your favorite brew. You can definitely just scoop in your favorite coffee, tea, or hot chocolate mixture and let it brew -- but if you're feeling creative or are craving something special, try making one of these tasty, homemade drink mixes for your refillable K-cup. Read More 

Classy And Simple Holiday Hostess Gifts

5 October 2015
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The holiday season is quickly approaching, and you'll probably be invited to several get-togethers. While it's customary to bring a gift for the host or hostess, it can be difficult to come up with something tasteful when you're short on time and money. Wine and flowers are the traditional hostess gifts, but they can cause issues: the host might not drink alcohol, the wine might not go with what is being served, or there might not be a vase empty and ready to hold the flowers. Read More 

2 Dietary Restrictions Satisfied by Mexican Restaurant Delights

10 September 2015
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If you recently eliminated a common food ingredient from your diet by choice or due to a health problem, then you are likely learning that eating out is tough when you have dietary restrictions. Cooking and eating at home every night can become boring night after night, so it is important to learn what you can and cannot eat at popular restaurants. One type of restaurant that can have a surprising number of options for people with dietary restrictions is the Mexican restaurant. Read More